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The simplicity of yes or no answers

Decisions, decisions! Everyone needs to make a decision or get an answer to a question at one time or another, and the required answer is often yes or no. Your own experiences may lead you to make choices that are influenced by the past, and your friends or family will have the same problem.

There’s only one way to get a definitive answer when you can’t make the decision yourself, and that is to use our YES or NO online tool.

What can you use the Yes or No tool for?

Simply to get the answer you need to any closed question! Think of questions like these:

  • Should I go out tonight?
  • Can I eat cereal for lunch?
  • Am I ready to ask for a pay rise?
  • Will that girl/guy date me?

Whatever you want an answer for, the Yes or No online tool will provide the answer you need.

What is the difference between open and closed questions?

A closed question can be answered by saying “yes” or “no”, whereas an open question will need other words of explanation. For example, “How did you get here?” is an open question and will include a description of a journey in the answer. If the question is, “Did you drive here?” then the answer will be a simple yes or no.

Open variations of the questions above could be:

  • Where should I go tonight?
  • What can I eat for lunch?
  • How big of a pay rise could I get?
  • What can I do to make that girl/guy want to date me?

None of these can be satisfactorily answered with a “yes” or “no”.

How yes or no questions help you understand other people?

Most questions you will ask other people will be open questions as you want to know more about the person you are talking to. However, many questions you ask yourself will be closed. Will I be in time to catch the bus? Does this look good on me? Will anyone notice if I do this?

You already know a lot about yourself and don’t need an explanatory answer for the questions you are asking – but if you want information from someone else, you need more than a yes or no.

Our Yes or No online tool helps you to answer the questions you are asking that need a simple answer, but you just can’t make the decision. Are you ready to give it a try? Yes or no?

Yes or no questions

If you can answer a question with only a “yes” or “no” response, then you are answering a closed-ended type of question.

  • Are you feeling better today?
  • May I use the bathroom?
  • Is the prime rib a special tonight?
  • Should I date him?
  • Will you please do me a favor?
  • Have you already completed your homework?
  • Is that your final answer?
  • Were you planning on becoming a fireman?
  • Should I call her and sort things out?
  • Is it wrong to want to live on my own at this age?
  • Shall we make dinner together tonight?
  • Could I possibly be a messier house guest?
  • Might I be of service to you ladies this evening?
  • Did that man walk by the house before?
  • Can I help you with that?
  • May I please have a bite of that pie?
  • Would you like to go to the movies tonight?
  • Is math your favorite subject?
  • Does four plus four equal eight?
  • Is that haunted house really scary?
  • Will you be going to Grandmother’s house for Christmas?
  • Did Dad make the cake today?
  • Is there a Mass being held at noon?
  • Are you pregnant?